• OSSB and OSPF Meetings: The OS office prepares and organizes the meetings of the Open Science Steering Board (OSSB). It also coordinates and manages plenary meetings of the Open Science Practitioner Forum (OSPF).
  • OSPF Coordination: The OS Office manages the activities of the Open Science Practitioner Forum (OSPF). It coordinates and handles incoming queries and forwards requests to relevant parties. Responsibilities of the OS office also include creating and managing the Indico category to facilitate community events through OSPF.
  • Open Science Report: The OS office coordinates Open Science activities linked to the Open Science Policy through the Open Science Practitioners Forum (OSPF). The OS Office coordinates the compilation of the  biennial Open Science report with respective partners from the OSPF. The office also coordinates the review, discussion and approval of the report with the Open Science Steering Board.
  • Contributing to specific initiatives: The OS office contributes to OSPF initiatives as requested by the community and/or the Open Science policy. Currently this comprises for example developing an open science monitoring framework. The OS office also runs an activity to maintain and update data management plans and templates. It also contributes to the Open Source Program Office (OSPO) at CERN.
  • Collaboration and Representation: The OS office collaborates with internal and external stakeholders, including the Open Science Program Office (OSPO). The OS office represents CERN on Open Science matters in various bodies at international level or at conferences, workshops etc.
  • Office Operations: The OS office conducts Open Office hours for consultation. The OS office also operates and maintains the Open Science (OS) website. With that it will also provide mechanisms for aggregating and updating the community on events and trainings.