Education, Training & Outreach



CERN’s education activities promote the conceptual understanding of CERN’s scientific domains (e.g. physics and engineering) and how the nature of science (e.g. “science is a social endeavour”) is facilitated by Open Science practices. Specifically, CERN’s training activities promote the building of capacity on Open Science related activities/practices. Complementing this, CERN’s outreach activities promote awareness of CERN’s field of research and research methods emphasising Open Science activities/practices.



CERN is committed to developing training courses to facilitate the adoption of open science and equip researchers and supporting personnel at all levels with the necessary skills and expertise to conduct research in an open and reusable (FAIR) way. Furthermore, CERN commits to facilitating the use of open educational material in teaching/education at schools and universities. CERN encourages the preparation of resources to engage pupils and teachers, both inside and outside the classroom setting, in interactive learning exercises with open datasets and software products. Wherever possible, CERN links open data, software, hardware and additional open resources to published research articles so that they can be used in university courses to practise research and corresponding methodologies (e.g. statistics, machine learning)


Services and activities

  1. Start by compiling a list of CERN’s recommended Training, Education and Outreach material and external training offers and material relevant for Open Science, including whether it is already openly available online on a CERN website and has a clear licence, and if not, document whether it can or cannot be published openly.
  2. Next, for the material identified as suitable, make gradually available openly on a CERN website and ultimately under an open licence (i.e. CC-BY for text, CC0 for data)
  3. Then devise mechanisms to continuously add newly produced material to this open catalogue

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