The CERN Open Science Strategy Working Group (OSWG) was formed in 2021 with the objective of establishing a CERN-wide forum to exchange on open science activities and establishing a CERN Open Science Policy.

The OSWG currently consists of the following members:

  • Joachim Mnich (CERN Director for Research and Computing)
  • Pippa Wells (Deputy Director for Research and Computing)
  • Alex Kohls (CERN Scientific Information Service)
  • Anne Gentil-Beccot (CERN Open Access Coordinator)
  • Axel Naumann (SFT Group in the Experimental Physics Department)
  • Bob Jones (Deputy Department Head CERN IT)
  • Christopher Parkinson (non-LHC Experiments)
  • Clemens Lange (CMS Experiment)
  • Dietrich Liko (CMS Experiment)
  • Francesco Prino (ALICE Experiment)
  • Giovanni Anelli (CERN Knowledge Transfer Group)
  • Han Hubert Dols (CERN Knowledge Transfer Group)
  • Jamie Boyd (CERN Open Data WG Chair)
  • Javier Castillo Castellanos (ALICE Experiment)
  • Javier Serrano (CERN Beams Department)
  • Jose Benito Gonzalez Lopez (CERN IT)
  • Kamran Naim (CERN Scientific Information Service)
  • Lukas Heinrich (ATLAS Experiment)
  • Michelangelo Mangano (Theory Department)
  • Pere Mato Vila (SFT Group in the Experimental Physics Department)
  • Philip Elson (CERN Beams Department)
  • Sascha Schmeling (CERN Education, Communication and Outreach)
  • Sebastian Neubert (LHCb Experiment)
  • Stéphane Willocq (ATLAS Experiment)
  • Sünje Dallmeier-Tiessen (CERN Open Science Coordinator)
  • Tim Smith (CERN IT)
  • Zach Marshall (ATLAS Experiment)