Open Data

Experiments at CERN collect unique data at the frontiers of science using one-of-its-kind facilities and large scale efforts with contributions from thousands of scientists. The data, which enables key insights into the nature of our world, represent a heritage of humanity, which CERN is dedicated to preserve, curate, steward and share with the public.

Open Data statement in the CERN Open Science Policy

CERN experimental collaborations are committed to make their research data publicly available. The CERN Open Data Policy for LHC Experiments (2020) aims to support CERN experiments’ consistent approach towards the openness and preservation of experimental data to maximise their long-term value. All data are released with persistent identifiers. Data and associated data services apply open and FAIR principles. For experimental data releases, CC0 waivers are applied as standard. Researchers and experiments are expected to develop data management plans for their research activities.

Data products at varying level of complexity are made available through the CERN Open Data Portal. The development and adaption of data formats, tools and standards is a continuous community effort, pursued in the Data Preservation and Long Term Analysis in High Energy Physics (DPHEP) Study Group, the Open Science Working Group and various initiatives on the national, European and international levels.

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