CERN is committed to the advancement of science and the wide dissemination of knowledge by embracing and promoting practices making scientific research more open, collaborative, and responsive to societal changes.

CERN accordingly recognises the holistic practice of open science as one of its guiding principles and commits to it by:

  • Encouraging research processes and tools that foster international collaboration;
  • Supporting new and innovative research practices;
  • Enabling the free dissemination of knowledge and the accessibility of research outputs;
  • Requiring open access to publications and their metadata;
  • Encouraging and facilitating the sharing of data and analysis software;
  • Sharing software sources and hardware designs under appropriate, free, open-source licences;
  • Enabling knowledge preservation to support reusability and reproducibility;
  • Supporting citizen science and the development of open training/education resources;
  • Building and maintaining the necessary infrastructure to support open science; and
  • Fostering skills and developing incentives to support open science practices.

Through its commitment to open science, CERN also aims to cultivate a dynamic and evolving ecosystem of initiatives, projects and interoperable technologies to maximise the global impact of its research.