Open Science Policies


CERN Open Science Policy

The CERN Open Science Policy covers all elements of the Open Science relevant to CERN. This includes, in particular open access to research publications, data, software and hardware, as well as research integrity, infrastructure, education and outreach activities supporting or enabling open science practices.

Supported by long term financial investments from its Member and Associate Member States, with significant contributions also from non-Member States, CERN is committed to the advancement of science and the wide dissemination of knowledge by embracing and promoting practices making scientific research more open, collaborative, and responsive to societal changes. ... CERN accordingly recognizes the holistic practice of open science as one of its guiding principles.

Last revision: Oct 2022

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CERN Open Access Policy

The CERN Open Access Policy defines the principles and processes through which CERN authors can publish their peer-reviewed articles Open Access. A dedicated website also provides authors with additional resources to find the easiest route to comply with the policy.

CERN authors are required to publish all of their peer-reviewed primary research articles open access (by default under a Creative Commons attribution license, i.e. CC-BY-4.0)

Last revision: May 2021

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CERN LHC Open Data Policy

This policy relates to the data collected by the LHC experiments for the main physics programme of the LHC — high-energy proton-proton and heavy-ion collision data. The foreseen use cases of the Open Data include reinterpretation and reanalysis of physics results, education and outreach, data analysis for technical and algorithmic developments, and new physics research. 

Making data available responsibly, at different levels of abstraction and at different points in time, allows the maximum realisation of their scientific potential and the fulfillment of the collective moral and fiduciary responsibility to member states and the broader global scientific community.

Last revision: Nov 2020

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