CERN's Open Science Policy Framework is deeply embedded in CERN's institutional governance: the Open Science Steering Board has overall responsibility and accountability for the institutional Open Science strategy and its alignment with broader institutional strategic goals. Individual expert groups and subcommittees on open science topics are tasked with the actual implementation of open science policy. In order to ensure cross-topic exchange and organization-wide communication, an Open Science Practitioners Forum is regularly convened with the participation of all subject experts. All open science activities are centrally coordinated and monitored by the CERN Open Science Office, which is part of the CERN Scientific Information Service,


Open Science Steering Board

The Open Science Steering Board (OSSB) is a cross-departmental body that reports to the Director of Research and Informatics. Its mandate is to oversee, at a strategic level, actions to implement open science, infrastructure, technology services, and outreach and education efforts related to CERN's open science policy.

The Board meetings are intended to serve as a forum for reviews, analyzes and assessments of the effective implementation of the CERN Open Science policy, including the respective sub-elements of Open Science. This includes, in particular, the obligation to review the CERN Open Science Policy every two years in consultation with the CERN Open Science Practitioners Forum (OSPF - described below) and to sign the CERN Open Science Report, which appears every two years. The OSSB must be informed about open science projects and implementation measures to ensure their alignment with the organization's strategies and goals.

The composition of the Board should ensure a balanced representation of the CERN departmental organization, its experimental community and prioritized open science elements.


Open Science Practitioners Forum

The Open Science Practitioners Forum (OSPF) was founded to ensure efficient communication across the organization between all entities driving the implementation of the Open Science policy. Given the increasing level of detail in the implementation of various open science practices, a continuous increase in the number of members is to be expected. The OSPF consists of the expert group members described below and is coordinated by the CERN Open Science Office. The OSPF will elect a chair to represent its interests on the Open Science Steering Board.


Open Science expert groups

In order to efficiently support the implementation of all open science elements at CERN, special topic-related expert groups (e.g. Open Data Working Group), formal committees (e.g. Open Source Program Office - OSPO) and loose practitioners can be established for all policy elements -Interest groups are set up. depending on their maturity at CERN and their individual needs. The respective communities of practice at CERN will organize the necessary activities themselves, but will receive support from the CERN Open Science Office if necessary. 

All thematic working groups, formal committees and practitioner interest groups are invited to report to the OSSB on the implementation progress of their respective Open Science guidelines and can receive appropriate guidance and input from the OSSB. At the request of the OSSB, they should provide contributions to the core open science monitoring efforts and the biennial CERN Open Science Report.


Office of Open Science

The CERN Open Science Office is an independent support function tasked with coordinating the various efforts to implement the Open Science policies across CERN. See this special website link .