CERN/NASA Open Science Summit 2023: Closing Statement issued


In celebration of the 2023 Year of Open Science, CERN and NASA jointly organized “Accelerating the Adoption of Open Science”, a week-long open science summit at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, from 10 to 14 July 2023. This event brought together a diverse range of attendees to exchange experiences, ideas, and expertise; promote open science policies and practices; and develop practical action plans to implement open science practices that are fit for both context and purpose. 

Through the course of the event, experts across the diverse domains of Open Science (i.e. open data, open software and hardware, research integrity and reproducibility, and public policy) led plenary sessions, which were followed by focused topical workshops to foster exchange and discussion across participants. Despite a diversity of approaches, participants shared a set of common values and interests to develop a more coherent, aligned, and equitable global approach to open science,

In this spirit, Summit participants agreed on a joint closing statement, which includes concrete commitments on how the transition to a more open, participatory, equitable, robust, and sustainable research ecosystem can be accelerated. The closing statement of the summit is now available online. The community has produced translations to French, Spanish, German, Arabic and Chinese. Commitments include working on context-specific guidance on key dimensions to accelerate open science institutionalization, including: 

  • sustaining open research infrastructure, 
  • supporting training opportunities for current and future researchers, 
  • aligning funding opportunities and recognition schemes, 
  • developing effective means for evaluating and rewarding effective open science practices, 
  • promoting links between open research and broader societal impacts,
  • engaging with the broader research community to align values, policies, and procedures in a manner that harmonizes, catalyzes, and scales open science
  • Fostering a culture of evidence-based open research, science, and scholarship

On the concluding day of the Summit,  participants identified areas in which they would benefit from ongoing peer support, as well as areas where they could provide meaningful guidance and expertise to others. Examples that emerged from this consultation include sustainable and interoperable open infrastructure, incentives, equitable open science, and evidence-based policy development. Through these working groups, Summit participants aim to collaborate with scientists, policymakers and practitioners worldwide to make substantive progress on the global adoption of open science.

An ongoing call to action is now open to anyone interested in joining four different working groups.